Exhibition Manager's Message


Executive Director of Marketing and Sales Division

Basma Al-Dehaiem

Honorable Patrons and Distinguished Participants,

Out of its belief in the importance of this sector and the persons in charge thereof, as well as the role it undertakes at the local and regional levels in promoting perfumes and cosmetics, Kuwait International Fair Company has been keen to organize such exhibitions at this time every year. Since their first launch and throughout decades up till now, both perfume exhibitions have enjoyed massive local and regional participation, with increased interest and attendance during their seasons in the months of March and October of every year. Kuwait International Fair Company has never hesitated to provide all necessary support for the success of these exhibitions.


In view of the current circumstances prevailing in the country and the entire world in terms of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, which led to suspending the exhibitions and conferences activity, in addition to the exploitation of our halls by state authorities for the various stages of confronting this epidemic, hoping that it shall be defeated in the near future and the Company shall then resume its activities as has always been in previous eras.


Based on the above, we would like to inform you that the Company is organizing some simultaneous exhibitions through the Internet and the full-service Company's website


Further, the Company will hold these online exhibitions simultaneously through its website, along with undertaking a special advertising campaign for the exhibition, preparing daily competitions and contests with a grand prize on the last exhibition day.


We are also still working hard to complete what was implemented in the previous stages, in addition to adopting and developing novel ideas


In this respect, we extend our thanks and appreciation to all companies sponsoring and participating in these exhibitions, with our best wishes for them to succeed in this season and the seasons yet to come with the graciousness of Allah.


May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you all,